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Our Services

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning 

When it comes to kitchen exhaust cleaning we at Arctic take great pride in leading the industry standards for the past twenty years. Our time proven techniques not only reduce the cleaning time required it also provides the best clean possible! All customers property is treated with the utmost respect and all waste is treated and disposed of according to local jurisdiction requirements. So whether you have a small system or a large multi hood system, our crews can handle it all.

Scope of Work:

- Clean all accessible areas of the kitchen exhaust system including: Inside and outside of hood(s), filters, filter trough, plenum chamber, duct, fan and fan housing, back splash down to appliance level. Written after service report of the job.

Additional Services:

- Installation of access panels, filter replacement, belt replacement,

 hinge kit installation and grease containment installation. 

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Ceiling and Wall Cleaning 

Why replace when you can just get those dirty ceilings back to new with a professional cleaning. We are able to clean a wide variety of different ceilings and walls while leaving a residue free result. Other ceiling cleaning methods leave a residue which can yellow with time requiring replacement or painting (expensive!) 

Scope of Work:

- Cover and protect all area's in the cleaning vicinity. Pre-dust / pre-scrub designated cleaning areas. Clean ceilings with our custom ceiling cleaning machine delivering hi pressure / low liquid volume. 

Additional Services:

- Clean all types of walls, wash light lens cover, replace damaged ceiling tiles, water stain removal (where possible).

Grease Trap & Drain Line Cleaning 

Regular cleaning of your grease interceptor not only helps it's longevity, but also keeps a clean and sanitary environment. No lingering fowl odors smelling up your kitchen. If your drains do get clogged from debris or grease, we can power flush them to keep them flowing properly.   

Scope of Work:

- Clean and scrape interior of grease interceptor.

- Remove and dispose of contents according to local jurisdiction requirements. 

Additional Services:

- Power flushing of drain lines to remove build up and blockages.

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